Samplinq® is the worldwide NIRS network of Eurofins Agro for analysis of roughages, feeds, raw materials, TMRs and soil. Within this Samplinq® network, every laboratory will get similar results, no matter where the NIR analysis is done. All Samplinq procedures meet the high quality standards of Eurofins Agro: the reliability of the analysis is guaranteed!

NIRS, or Near-InfraRed Spectroscopy, is an analytical method that uses near-infrared light to create a light absorption spectrum of a sample. This spectrum can be compared with reference spectra of samples with a known composition in a NIRS-database.

Extensive NIRS-databases

Eurofins Agro has extensive NIRS-databases containing both NIRS-spectra and analytical results from classical reference methods like Weende analyses. These databases, developed for all common roughages, feeds, raw materials and TMR’s, include a large number of samples originating from around the globe, from multiple harvest years.

Eurofins Agro is able to reliably derive a great number of different nutrients and parameters from its database. 

The Samplinq network

An increasing number of laboratories and countries already joined the unique Samplinq® network. Most of the laboratories in the Samplinq® network are not owned by Eurofins Agro. They are independent laboratories offering a comprehensive service package. They collaborate with Eurofins Agro for analysis of roughages, feeds, raw materials, TMRs samples and soil samples.