Ransomware attack

4 August 2020

Eurofins Agro Wageningen has recently been hit by serious problems in part of the local IT network. The problems were caused by so-called ransomware, which only affected  the local IT systems of the Wageningen location. Other Eurofins branches are unaffected and run without any problems.

Update Tuesday August 11, 2020
Processing of delayed samples continues steadily. We still run into malfunctions here and there. Fortunately, we can send more and more reports. We expect to be able to deliver our trusted service again shortly.

Update Monday August 10, 2020
Last weekend we worked hard to get rid of the backlog. The analysis of 7000 samples started. We expect to be able to send the results soon

Update Friday August 7, 2020
Today our laboratory has been in full production. Thankfully without any issues. The enormous amount of data that needs to be processed unfortunately still causes a delay in reporting. This should be solved after this weekend.

To process the large amount of samples, production will continue throughout the weekend. We will be working extra hours in the coming weeks to clear up the backlog. Fortunately, we are able again to make this extra effort for our customers and thereby provide them with reliable analysis results and clear advice.

Update Thursday August 6, 2020
We are glad that we have made more progress today in the recovery of our IT systems. We are capable again to receive digital orders from our samplers and from our international colleagues. This is an important step. It enables us to start analyzing the samples that we had temporarily conserved.

At the same time the restart of our IT systems has its hiccups. This is a consequence of the enormous amount of historical data that needs to be processed. Our services towards our clients do not run smoothly yet but it gets better every day. We ask for your understanding.  

Update Wednesday August 5, 2020
An important step has been made in the delivery of the analysis results and reports to our customers. The analysis reports are being send again via e-mail and by post. Customers will receive their results from samples which have been taken in the last few weeks and were delivered to our laboratory.

Sending the enormous amount of reports will take a few days. Because of this, it could happen that reports from the same order will be sent out at separate times. For you, our customer, this means that reports might not arrive at the same time. Another possibility is that the invoice is send sooner than the report. Due to the backlog in our systems, we unfortunately cannot prevent this from happening.  We kindly ask for your understanding in this matter.

For more specific information regarding your sector, please contact: 

Agro Customer Support
Email: customerservice.agro@eurofins.com
Phone: +31 088 876 1010

Horti Customer Support
Email:  horti@eurofins.com
Phone: +31 088 876 1014

Update Tuesday August 4, 2020 

Although the IT organization has acted appropriately from the beginning, the recovery takes more time than we expected. Step by step, we work towards complete recovery of the IT systems. We make progress in this on a daily basis. However, a hard planning about the follow-up process is difficult to give; successes and setbacks still alternate.

The good news is that part of the production is running and that the first analysis results are now being delivered to the customers. We will send your final report(s) as soon as it is available.

As employees of Eurofins Agro Wageningen, we deeply regret that you as a customer experience the inconvenience of the current IT problems. We do everything we can to minimize the inconvenience for you. We are working hard on recovery in the short term.

For more information, please contact our Customer Support: horti@eurofins.com