About Eurofins Agro

Eurofins Agro Testing UK & Ireland is a leading analytical services provider for agriculture and horticulture. 

We provide a complete package of innovative analyses with clear, tailored advice so you can adjust the production process on your farm. We call this Growing Insight. Not only does this enable the wider agri-food chain to make informed decisions regarding sustainability, it gives farmers, growers, agronomists, nutritionists and advisors an advantage that helps them find the marginal gains needed to increase efficiency and profitability on farm.

We are a team of scientists and agriculturalists with a passion for the industry. We are committed to working with you closely in order to help you achieve your aims.

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Eurofins Agro has laboratories worldwide. Our labs work closely together; therefore we can provide you with all possible agricultural related analyses. Livestock, arable, horticulture, equine; we have got you covered!





Eurofins Scientific

Eurofins Agro is division of Eurofins Scientific: an international laboratory organisation which is always growing. We provide innovative analyses, accurate and up-to-date data and clear advice. Our products and services are the culmination of hands-on expertise, underpinned by scientific research. We provide you with accurate data and offer expert guidance on the best fertilisation practices for enhancing crop and soil health. In essence... we do everything for growing insight, from which you reap the benefit.

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