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Where can I find an explanation for my reports?

If you have any questions regarding your results or report, please contact us. 

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What is Equi Feed?

Equi Feed is our feed value analysis, specially developed for horses. Equi Feed gives you accurate and valuable insight into the nutrient composition of your roughage to help you create a balanced diet for a healthy horse.

Equi Feed

How can I use Equi Feed?

High quality forage fulfils most of your horse's basic needs. By analysing the forage, you can adjust and balance the horse’s diet based on the results of the analysis. You will have insight into the quality of the forage – and, if necessary, you can then supplement the feed with concentrate or supplements.

Equi Feed

Why should I use Equi Feed?

Equi Feed allows you to give your horse the best possible diet. Optimizing feed for a horse or pony is quite a challenge. After all, forage varies from batch to batch, meaning you never really know exactly what your horse is eating. Horses have a special digestive system with a small stomach that is geared up for small bits of feed throughout the day. Most of this food is broken down after the stomach, in the cecum and large intestine by intestinal bacteria, earning horses the title of hindgut fermenters.
It is important to keep gut bacteria active with plenty of fibre. This fibre is found primarily in roughage such as grass, hay, and haylage. As a rule of thumb, a horse should get at least 1.5% of its body weight in dry matter from roughage to meet its daily fibre needs. Therefore, the main part of the horse’s diet contains of forage. In addition to fibre, the feed must also contain sufficient energy, minerals and trace elements for a healthy horse to develop and perform well. With forage analysis, you will have insight into the quality of the forage. Based on the forage composition, you can integrate concentrate or supplements exactly as needed. This alone just make a big difference in monthly feed costs. Order your Equi Feed test.

Equi Feed