Soil testing vital following flooding

11 January 2024 - News

High rainfall this winter has left ground saturated and crops struggling. What effect has this had on soil health?

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Eurofins Agro UK Leads UK Slurry Forum

25 October 2023

Eurofins joined a forum of industry experts to explain to members of the UK press how Eurofins was helping farms to use slurry more efficiently.

Eurofins enters new partnership with SRUC

12 September 2023

Eurofins Agro Testing is now leading the soil, forage and plant pathology laboratory at SRUC (Scotland’s Rural College) and will work in partnership with SAC Consulting (part of SRUC) to strengthen and develop its agricultural testing service across the UK.

The lab is moving!

24 August 2023

The forage testing is moving from Wolverhampton to a new building wholly leased by Agro Testing, very close to the current Needham Market site. Moving the whole operation onto one site will bring many benefits to our customers and provide a strong base for the business to grow alongside the changing demands of the agricultural industry.

Beware bale contamination

23 August 2023

Baled silage can be prone to soil contamination due to dust and slurry being incorporated into bales. If slurry is not incorporated into the soil the crop will not see the full benefit and any residues risk contaminating bales with harmful bacteria

Potato residue testing

23 August 2023

We have launched a new test to help potato growers with pesticide residue testing. The test can be booked online and comes at a time when some farm assurance schemes in the UK have implemented the need to test every year, or to have an evidence-based justification for fewer tests.

Test maize silage to unlock bypass starch benefit

23 August 2023

Testing maize silage more regularly can help maximise the benefits of bypass starch and reduce the potential threat of acidosis. Our new maize silage tests can measure the extent to which bypass starch has degraded in the clamp to help prevent unnecessary acidosis through overfeeding.

Test soil to save on expensive inputs

23 August 2023

The shortage, and price increase, of nitrogen fertilisers can be mitigated by a more thorough understanding of soil fertility and plant available nutrients.

New vertical farming analysis

23 August 2023

Eurofins now offers a selection of analytical tests designed to improve the efficiency, productivity and sustainability of vertical farming systems. Our vertical farming analysis package uses water testing to provide a comprehensive insight into the quality and composition of both basic water and nutrient solutions used in vertical farming operations.

Analysis unlocks soil health

23 August 2023

Our soil tests can help farmers and agronomists understand soil in a more detailed way than ever before. The tests are available in the UK and Ireland to provide chemical, physical, and biological insight, offering farmers a better way to monitor, manage and improve the health and fertility of their soil.