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The Fertilization Manager provides a true deep-dive into your soil status, including: 

  • Physical, biological, and chemical attributes, along with carbon properties.
  • The key macro and micronutrients.
  • Nutrients accessible to plants, nutrients present in soil stocks, as well as the capacity for supply.
  • The recommended fertiliser dosage tailored to specific crops is presented as a yearly application. This information is available for more than 300 types of crops, and where applicable, for distinct crop varieties.
  • The soil-based fertiliser recommendation devised to enhance or uphold the soils nutrient condition, thus boosting the potential yield of the field.
  • Fertilization Manager can be used for all open cultivation, for example: arable land, maize, grassland, fruit growing, field vegetables, bulb cultivation and tree cultivation.
  • Fertilization Manager reports the analysis results in kg per ha in the sampled layer.
  • Microbial soil life: encompassing microbial biomass, microbial activity and fungal-to-bacteria ratio


Fertilization Manager offers also provides infographics, including:

  • The organic matter balance: how to maintain and improve the level of soil organic matter.
  • The quality of the organic matter.
  • The soil type (texture triangle), for peaty soil (peaty sand/clay and clay peat and peat) and for mineral soils (sand/clay). 
  • Guidelines for improving soil structure (soil structure triangle).
  • The water holding capacity of your soil: a pF curve showing the wilting point, irrigation point, and field capacity. 

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Brochure Fertilization Manager 26-01-2021
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