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Nutrients in greenhouse soil may either be readily available or bound to soil particles. The proportion of organic matter to clay particles determines the strength of their bond to the soil particles.

The fertility of greenhouse soil is not solely determined by the presence and availability of minerals. Other factors also play a role, including:

  1. Organic matter
  2. Acidity (pH)
  3. Moisture retention capacity (pF)
  4. Soil life

At Eurofins Agro, we provide a comprehensive package for greenhouse soil analysis, which helps identify the chemical, physical, and biological properties of the soil. 

Eurofins Agro’s fertilization analysis gives information about the condition of greenhouse soil and absorption by the crop. We offer two types of greenhouse soil analyses:

Greenhouse SoilStock

The total picture of the fertility of your soil:

  • Chemical: N-total soil reserve, C/N, N supply capacity (NSC), S total soil reserve, C/S, S supply capacity (SSC), K soil reserve, Ca soil reserve, Mg soil reserve, Na soil reserve, P plant available, P soil reserve
  • Physical: pH, organic carbon, organic matter, organic matter balance, calcium carbonate, clay, silt, sand, CEC, Ca, Mg, K, Na, Al and H saturation %, structure pyramid, friability, capping, pF-curve.
  • Biological: Microbial biomass, microbial activity, fungal and bacterial ratio.

Greenhouse SoilCheck

A quick analysis of existing nutrients in your greenhouse soil.

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