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The composition of slurry and manure varies enormously from farm to farm. By relying on average values rather than analysing this valuable resource,  the nutrient supply can be misjudged. This may have a negative impact on yield and our environment. 

It is essential to know exactly what you are fertilising. This impacts soil structure and fertility (as manure contains organic matteras well as the key macronutrients you would expect: nitrogen (N), phosphate (P) and potassium (K). The composition of manure can also vary between slurry tanks and manure pits. Causes of these differences include:

  • Differences in rations
  • The amount of rinse water
  • The mineral composition of feeds
  • The composition of the livestock

Every field has a different need for nutrients and organic matter. Sophisticated fertilisation based on manure monitoring provides you with more tools to improve nutrient efficiency and increase yields.