New vertical farming analysis

New vertical farming analysis

23 August 2023

Eurofins now offers a selection of analytical tests designed to improve the efficiency, productivity and sustainability of vertical farming systems. Our vertical farming analysis package uses water testing to provide a comprehensive insight into the quality and composition of both basic water and nutrient solutions used in vertical farming operations.

By closely monitoring key parameters such as EC, pH levels, nutrient concentrations and water purity, these tests enable growers to make precise adjustments to purification and fertilisation in order to maximise nutrient uptake and reduce the risk of pathogens and contaminants in the growing system. The vertical farming analysis package can also verify the quality of disinfectants used in farming practices.

We also offer Plant Doctor and DNA Multiscan which use data from water tests to offer unique insight into (potential) crop problems. This enables growers to detect early signs of stress, disease or nutrient deficiencies in the crop and receive immediate recommendations for corrective action. This proactive approach is designed to help growers intervene quickly to mitigate potential damage.

This suite of tools not only optimises the efficiency and productivity of the grower's operations, but also promotes sustainability by reducing resource waste and maximising crop yields. These advancements therefore help growers to produce nutritious, high-quality fruits, vegetables and herbs that meet the demands of today's consumers while minimising their environmental footprint.

Our goal is to help vertical farming to more efficiently produce healthy and sustainable food in densely populated areas and in areas where traditional greenhouse and outdoor cultivation is not feasible.