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Fertile soil is a fundamental part of producing high quality and high yielding crops. You can get a clearer understanding of the soil through analysis; allowing for the targeted application of fertilisers prior to planting and to optimise tillage. 

Nevertheless, there is no guarantee that the growing season will go well, even with the most meticulous soil preparation. What effect does the fertiliser have and how does the soil respond? How much has been absorbed by the crop? Will this change the next application rate? 

SoilCropMonitor will answer these questions for you. By measuring both macro and micronutrients, it provides insight into the condition of both the soil and the crop. 

The analysis is made up of two parts:

  • Soil analysis
  • Crop analysis

The crop analysis measures the nutrients in the crop, i.e. is the balance just right or are there too many or few nutrients available? The soil analysis provides insight into the nutritional status of the soil during cultivation and how much will be available as the crop continues to grow. These two analyses are carried out at the same time. 

The report gives you advice that takes into account the subsequent delivery from the soil and is presented in two parts: advice for a four-week period and advice for until the end of the cultivation. SoilCropMonitor is available for a wide range of arable crops, maize, flower bulbs, fruit and outdoor vegetable crops. Check the downloads section to see a full list of crops available. 

More information

Name Date File
Brochure Soil Crop Monitor 26-01-2021
Soil Crop Monitor instructions 11-08-2023
Soil Crop Monitor list of crops 11-08-2023