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Eurofins Agro consists of multiple agricultural laboratories in Europe and partners worldwide. Eurofins Agro focusses on soil, crop, water, compost and manure analyses. With the results of the innovative analyses plus tailored guidelines, landowners can close yield gaps, optimise crop quality and use nutrients and water in a prudent way. Eurofins Agro is established in 1927. Headquarter is located in Wageningen, the Netherlands.

Eurofins Agro embraces the system approach, acknowledging the inter-relationships and inter-dependency of the components of the agri-food system. By analysing the total system and its components, we get a better understanding of the functioning of the agri-food system, and of the factors that may influence and modify these systems. We believe that providing tools (based on analysis) for the system approach contributes to improving crop productivity and quality, and to nutritional security and environmental sustainability. By doing so, we support farmers and growers by optimising their farm management, while food and feed companies are enabled to claim and prove sustainable food and feed production. In addition,  governments and research can use the tools for monitoring and guiding purposes (e.g. the Sustainable Development Goals).

The Eurofins Agro international competence center is the global research and innovation organisation of Eurofins Agro. It is the scientific backbone of the 600.000 annual analyses of soil, plant, food, feed, fertiliser, water, manures and wastes. Advances in analytical techniques and instruments for the analyses in agro & food have been fast in recent decades. The context and criteria of the analyses have also changed rapidly. Food quality and safety are much higher on the societal and political agenda’s than 20 years ago. Food security has changed into nutritional security. Environmental sustainability has become a key issue in food and feed production, and farmers in an increasing number of countries have to comply with series of quality targets from both governments and food industries. As a result, the demand for rapid and accurate analyses of soil, plant, food, feed, fertiliser, water, manure and waste has increased tremendously. This requires constant innovation, that the Eurofins Agro competence center provides with setting standards in the international agro testing community.

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Agro Laboratory as a Service

Agro Laboratory as a Service (aLaaS) is the worldwide NIRS network of Eurofins Agro for analysis of forage and soil. Within this network, every laboratory will get similar results, no matter where the NIR analysis is done. All aLaaS procedures meet the high quality standards of Eurofins Agro: the reliability of the analysis is guaranteed!

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Labs and Samplinq locations of Eurofins Agro

Eurofins Scientific

Eurofins Agro is part of Eurofins Scientific: an internationally growing laboratory organization. We provide innovative analyses, accurate and up-to-date data and clear advice. Our products and services are the result of practical knowledge, supported by scientific research. We supply you with the right data and provide guidance on optimal fertilization for soil and crop health. In short... we do everything for growing insight! Insight from which you reap the benefit.

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