About Eurofins Agro

Eurofins Agro is a leading laboratory with almost 100 years of experience. With a complete package of sampling, innovative analyses and clear, tailored advice you can adjust the production process on your farm. This way your crops and livestock get exactly what they really need. And you are assured of the highest possible yield and quality, at the lowest possible cost.

Eurofins Agro has laboratories worldwide. Our labs work closely together; therefore we can provide you with all possible agricultural related analyses. Livestock, horses, horticulture, arable farming; we have got you covered!


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Agro Laboratory as a Service

Agro Laboratory as a Service (aLaaS) is the worldwide NIRS network of Eurofins Agro for analysis of forage and soil. Within this network, every laboratory will get similar results, no matter where the NIR analysis is done. All aLaaS procedures meet the high quality standards of Eurofins Agro: the reliability of the analysis is guaranteed!

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Labs and Samplinq locations of Eurofins Agro

Eurofins Scientific

Eurofins Agro is part of Eurofins Scientific: an internationally growing laboratory organization. We provide innovative analyses, accurate and up-to-date data and clear advice. Our products and services are the result of practical knowledge, supported by scientific research. We supply you with the right data and provide guidance on optimal fertilization for soil and crop health. In short... we do everything for growing insight! Insight from which you reap the benefit.

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