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What is the Soil Life Monitor used for?

Soil Life Monitor responds to the widespread demand for a better understanding of soil life and biological soil quality. As the number of permitted crop protection products declines and awareness of the importance of soil life grows, many sectors are paying more attention to soil life nowadays. 

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Why is the total number of fungi and bacteria in the soil not the same as the total microbial biomass?

Microbial biomass is a quantified total of a large number of fatty acids. Fungi and bacteria make up the largest proportion of this but do not contain the entire microbial biomass. The unit of the parameters measured is mg PLFA/kg soil. The biomass of fungi, bacteria and microbial biomass in mg C/kg soil is calculated using a conversion factor known from the literature.

What does the fungal-to-bacterial ratio indicate, and how is it calculated?

The fungal-to-bacterial ratio indicates the ratio between the total fungal biomass and the total bacterial biomass (expressed in g C/kg soil). 

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