Hybrid lighting and composition of plant sap

26 January 2021

Eurofins Agro is collaborating in a cucumber trial to test efficient lighting for high-wire cucumber cultivation. Plant sap and dry matter will be analyzed.

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Spotlight on potassium

25 January 2021

Like nitrogen (N) and phosphorus (P), potassium (K) is an important nutrient. The nutrient plays a leading role in the development of a crop.

Organic residual streams

25 January 2021

Applying organic residual streams in the greenhouse contributes to fertilization, but disease resistance is hard to measure.

Horti Expert Sessions 2021

25 January 2021

Knowledge and insight are constantly developing, despite the corona pandemic. Three hands-on webinars to keep you informed (in Dutch).

Cooperation with Vietnamese horticulture strengthened

15 January 2021

Eurofins Agro has joined the Netherlands Vietnamese Horticulture Business Platform (NVHBP) as a ‘Gold Member’. Through this platform, Eurofins Agro provides knowledge and insight to growers in Vietnam.

Update manual nutrient solutions

9 November 2020

The manual 'Nutrient Solutions for Greenhouse Crops' is renewed. The manual contains practical recipes for nutrient solutions for 23 horticultural crops.

Soil life monitor now also for horticulture

5 November 2020

A healthy soil contains millions of microorganisms. SoilLifeMonitor provides a picture of the active fungi and bacteria in the soil.

Quick scan on nematodes

5 November 2020

Harmful nematodes often cause quality problems and reduce yields. Preventive analysis can save a lot of trouble.

Tropical nematodes in greenhouses

5 November 2020

Most of the nematodes in greenhouses are tropical species. The Eurofins Agro nematode analysis for greenhouse horticulture takes this into account.

Phosphate in the spotlight

2 November 2020

Eurofins Agro is publishing a series of articles on important nutrients for horticultural crops. Our first article was about nitrogen. This time we are looking at phosphate.