Cooperation with Vietnamese horticulture strengthened

15 January 2021

Eurofins Agro has joined the Netherlands Vietnamese Horticulture Business Platform (NVHBP) as a ‘Gold Member’. Through this platform, Eurofins Agro provides knowledge and insight to growers in Vietnam.

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Update manual nutrient solutions

9 November 2020

The manual 'Nutrient Solutions for Greenhouse Crops' is renewed. The manual contains practical recipes for nutrient solutions for 23 horticultural crops.

Soil life monitor now also for horticulture

5 November 2020

A healthy soil contains millions of microorganisms. SoilLifeMonitor provides a picture of the active fungi and bacteria in the soil.

Quick scan on nematodes

5 November 2020

Harmful nematodes often cause quality problems and reduce yields. Preventive analysis can save a lot of trouble.

Tropical nematodes in greenhouses

5 November 2020

Most of the nematodes in greenhouses are tropical species. The Eurofins Agro nematode analysis for greenhouse horticulture takes this into account.

Phosphate in the spotlight

2 November 2020

Eurofins Agro is publishing a series of articles on important nutrients for horticultural crops. Our first article was about nitrogen. This time we are looking at phosphate.

Lack of light or virus?

2 November 2020

Lack of light can cause defects in the crop. Symptoms are difficult to distinguish from viral infections or nutrient deficiencies.

Checking disinfector regularly is not a luxury

2 November 2020

More than 50% the water samples analyzed after disinfection turn out to have high plate counts of bacteria and fungal spore.

Solar radiation can influence plantsap

9 June 2020

The amount of solar radiation affects the results of the PlantsapCheck and CropCheck analyses, according to a recent trial at two nurseries where crops were sampled on a cold and a warm day. The results show that the composition of the plant sap and dry matter can vary greatly during the course of the day. Therefore, always make sure you take samples in similar conditions.

Stomata and transpiration

25 May 2020

The greenhouse climate has a significant impact on the opening and closing of the stomata and therefore on the water balance and nutrient composition of the plant sap.