European Grassland Federation 2024

11 June 2024 - News

This week, the General Meeting of the European Grassland Federation 2024 is held. Eurofins Agro is proud to sponsor this event.

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Minister Christianne van der Wal visits Eurofins Agro

30 January 2024 - News

Last week Eurofins Agro received outgoing Minister Christianne van der Wal (minister for Nature and Nitrogen) at the laboratory in Wageningen. She spoke with soil experts about analyzing soil.

Flooded fields: what is the effect on soil?

15 January 2024 - News

Prolonged and intense rainfall has led to widespread saturation of the soil and posed significant challenges for crops. What are the effects on soil health?

Eurofins reinforces its agroscience contract research services by acquiring SGS’ Crop Science operations

18 December 2023 - News

Eurofins Scientific (EUFI.PA), a global leader in agroscience contract research services, announces the signing of an agreement to acquire the operations of SGS Crop Science in 14 countries.

Presence of carbon in Dutch agriculture

27 October 2023 - Soil Carbon Check

Soil Carbon Check is designed to measure the carbon present in soil. In this case study we researched the current status of soil organic carbon of agricultural land in the Netherlands.

Get to know Jeroen Neuckermans: the new director of Eurofins Agro Testing Belgium

19 September 2023

Jeroen Neuckermans (36) started in his role as managing director of Eurofins Agro Testing Belgium this summer. Read the introductory interview!

Eurofins enters new partnership with SRUC

12 September 2023

Eurofins is now leading the soil, forage and plant pathology laboratory at SRUC (Scotland’s Rural College).

New agricultural testing facility

8 September 2023

Eurofins Agro UK has opened a new agricultural testing facility located in Needham Market, Suffolk.

Beware bale contamination

1 August 2023 - Livestock

Baled silage can be prone to soil contamination due to dust and slurry being incorporated into bales.

Eurofins Horti launches Vertical Farming Analyses

13 June 2023

Eurofins Horti launches Vertical Farming Analyses Package. This suite of analytical tools improve the efficiency, productivity and sustainability of vertical farming systems.