Solar radiation can influence plantsap

9 June 2020

The amount of solar radiation affects the results of the PlantsapCheck and CropCheck analyses, according to a recent trial at two nurseries where crops were sampled on a cold and a warm day. The results show that the composition of the plant sap and dry matter can vary greatly during the course of the day. Therefore, always make sure you take samples in similar conditions.

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Stomata and transpiration

25 May 2020

The greenhouse climate has a significant impact on the opening and closing of the stomata and therefore on the water balance and nutrient composition of the plant sap.

Substantial differences in soil life

21 May 2020

How is the soil life in my nursery doing? This is a question puzzles more and more growers. Eurofins Agro has developed a new method - the Soil Life Monitor - for identifying different organisms in soil, various substrates, water and compost.

Not all water sources are the same

18 May 2020

When switching to a different water source attention must be paid to the water quality. Often an adjustment of fertilization schemes is needed.

Beware of thrips

18 May 2020

In practice, thrips are still causing many problems. They occur both in greenhouses and outside. Since plants travel all around the world, new species of thrips are being introduced.

Nitrogen in the spotlight

11 May 2020

Nutrients are very important to plant growth. Suboptimal (too much and too little) fertilization can make a big difference in yield. Nitrogen in the spotlight.

Classification of nutrients based on function

11 May 2020

Nutritional elements can be classified according to their function in the plant. Eurofins Agro is publishing a series of articles covering the function of each of the different nutrients.

Knowledge sharing in the Club of 100

1 May 2020

Recently, Eurofins Agro has signed on for a new period to join the Club of 100. This is a group of Dutch horticultural suppliers who are working together on applied fundamental and strategic research.

Unique results of plant sap study

12 March 2020

In 2019, Eurofins Agro carried out a large-scale practical study looking at the relationship between nutrients in plant sap and in dry matter in leaves and fruits.

Innovation continues

11 March 2020

Innovation is a constant priority at Eurofins Agro. For example, DNA sequencing analysis, pyrolysis of organic matter and analysis fertilizers.