Eurofins at the 11th European Equine Health and Nutrition Congress

24 February 2023

The 11th European Equine Health & Nutrition Congress will take place in Ghent, from March 23th to 25th. Eurofins will be present to tell you more about a balanced diet for your horse.

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Carbon storage: One measurement is as good as no measurement

1 February 2023

Making your own compost from organic residues seems like a promising way to increase the organic matter content and sequestered carbon (CO2) in the soil.

Arjan Reijneveld: 'Prove and claim carbon capture with Soil Carbon Check'

16 December 2022

Eurofins introduces Soil Carbon Check, a handy tool for the agri-food sector to proof and claim carbon storage.

Healthy soil: towards a factual analysis.

25 November 2022 - News

Improving nature, preventing further climate change and optimizing water quality, data-driven soil management can make the difference.

Fertilization recommendations optimized

21 November 2022 - Articles - News

More accurate fertilization with separate soil and crop recommendations

Cropping plan is key in carbon sequestration

16 September 2022

Winter and spring wheat contribute considerably to the build-up of organic carbon, and thus to carbon sequestration in the soil. Unlike wheat, the contribution of flax and onions, on the other hand, is very small. By sequestering carbon in the soil, farmers and growers can earn carbon credits, therefore, to maximize the earning potential it’s important to consider your cropping plan.

Not all water is suitable for irrigation

10 August 2022

All over Europe it is very dry. Many growers are forced to use irrigation. If you are going to use irrigation, keep an eye on the quality of the irrigation water. Groundwater can contain salts or iron. And that can be harmful. So have the water tested so you can weigh up the risks of drought stress and damage.

Feed hay or haylage to your horse?

5 August 2022

Good dry hay is stable and can be stored for a long time. Too high a moisture content in both hay and haylage creates a risk of fungal and bacterial growth with health risks for your horse. Bales of pre-dry grass should be packed airtight to ensure good quality.

What field to irrigate first? pF curve helps!

18 July 2022

The pF curve on the Fertilization Manager report provides a guideline for irrigation. What field has the smallest water holding capacity and should be irrigated first? How much water should be given at once?

First cut of the year is power feed

8 July 2022

First cut is "power feed" due to very high feed value and sugar contents, among other things.