Dried & Ground NIRS

In the UK and Ireland, forage and feed analysis is usually performed on fresh samples using a method called wet or fresh Near-Infrared Spectroscopy (NIRS). There are inherent flaws in this process which result in inaccuracy and inconsistency. We’ve pioneered a technique using Dried & Ground NIRS which gives unmatched accuracy and repeatability.

In both NIRS methods, a sample is irradiated with near-infrared light. The resulting reflection, the spectrum, provides information on the sample’s composition. Dried & Ground NIRS offers numerous advantages which result in greatly increased accuracy and repeatability. We are also able to provide an extensive list of parameters, many of which are unique to us. Giving you extra insight and advantage.

A wide range of materials can be analysed using this approach. This includes silages (including grass, maize, lucerne, barley, oats, peas, mixed), fresh grass, hay, haylage, total mixed ration, feed maw materials and concentrates.

The Dried & Ground NIRS approach gives the following advantages: