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Growth problems in the crop can have various reasons. Pathogens may play a role, but so may growing conditions such as fertilization and climate. At Eurofins Agro we have a wide range of analysis techniques at our disposal which enable us to diagnose problems accurately.


If your crop is damaged, diseased or looks abnormal in any way, you need to know what the problem is, and fast. Only then can you give teh crop the appropriate treatment and limit the risk of the problem spreading. Eurofins Agro PlantDoctors assess the crop visually and under the microscope to determine the nature of the problem. They will perform an in-depth analysis of fungi, bacteria, insects/pests and viruses if necessary. How long the analysis will take depends on the nature of the problem. The analysis report you receive includes a description of the problem and recommendations on any preventive and curative action you can take.

DNA Multiscan

Modern DNA techniques can be used to routinely identify fungi and bacteria, even if the damage is not yet visible. Water, crop and soil are checked by means of a DNA test. You will receive the analysis report with an indication of the severity of the attack within three days.

DNA Multiscan can be used for a large number of crops and pathogens. This analysis also picks up on contamination on greenhouse equipment such as growing benches, containers, and tools.

DNA Previscan

With regular limited DNA analyses you can keep a close eye on the development of fungi and bacteria in substrate-grown crops. You can then take any preventive action in good time.


Analyes Parameters
DNA Multiscan In-depth analysis of fungi and bacteria using DNA technology. Even the smallest amount of pathogens can be identified. We also offer a special Trichoderma package.
DNA Previscan Limited analysis using DNA technology. A large number of pathogens can be identified preventively. You get the results within a few days. 

Diagnosis based on microscopic analysis, supplemented with ELISA, plating techniques or DNA Multiscan where necessary.