Eurofins Agro Testing and trinamiX collaborate to optimize feed efficiency

Eurofins Agro Testing and trinamiX collaborate to optimize feed efficiency

26 June 2024 - News

LUDWIGSHAFEN, Germany, Wageningen, Netherlands, June 26, 2024 – Eurofins Agro Testing Wageningen, a renowned laboratory specializing in forage, feed, soil, water, manure and compost analysis has announced an international collaboration with trinamiX to optimize forage analyses without the need to send samples to a laboratory.

The partnership brings together Eurofins Agro Testing’s expertise in state-of-the-art analysis, their global network of laboratories and extensive knowledge of the agri-food industry with trinamiX’s technology to offer on-the-spot analytics in a fraction of the time it takes for a traditional sample to be analysed.

Hans Martin, Managing Director Eurofins Agro Testing Wageningen, emphasizes that its customers rely on best-in-class laboratory services to run their businesses profitably and sustainably. Combining this analytical data with trinamiX’s technology is the best way for the industry to improve livestock health and productivity.

The collaboration is set to revolutionise the way feed suppliers, nutritionists, and farmers capture feed data to enable more accurate nutrition management. Bringing trinamiX’s technology and Eurofins Agro Testing’s analysis together in this partnership is set to provide high quality analysis with the flexibility to provide data and insight anywhere in the world.

Nils Mohmeyer, Director Mobile Spectroscopy at trinamiX GmbH, believes that through the collaboration with Eurofins Agro Testing Wageningen, trinamiX can fully leverage the potential of its technology to make forage and feed analyses more convenient and efficient.

Full details of the technology being offered by the partnership will be revealed at EuroTier 2024 in Hannover.

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