Eurofins Horti launches Vertical Farming Analyses

Eurofins Horti launches Vertical Farming Analyses

13 June 2023

Eurofins Horti, a leading horticultural analysis laboratory and part of the international network of Eurofins laboratories, is proud to announce the launch of its Vertical Farming Analyses Package. This state-of-the-art suite of analytical tools is designed to improve the efficiency, productivity and sustainability of vertical farming systems while ensuring optimal plant health. 

Through water analysis, the Vertical Farming Analyses Package provides comprehensive insight into the quality and composition of both basic water and nutrient solutions used in vertical farming operations. By closely monitoring key parameters such as EC, pH levels, nutrient concentrations and water purity, these tests enable growers to make precise adjustments regarding purification and fertilisation, in order to maximize nutrient uptake and reduce the risk of pathogens in the growing system. The Vertical Farming Analyses Package can also verify the quality of disinfectants used in farming practices.

Water analysis is supported by the Plant Doctor and DNA Multiscan analyses for Vertical Farming, an advanced plant health monitoring and management system. By continuously monitoring plant conditions, growers can detect early signs of stress, disease or nutrient deficiencies in the crop and receive immediate recommendations for corrective action. This proactive approach allows growers to intervene quickly to mitigate potential damage and ensure the overall health and vitality of their crops.

Optimize efficiency and productivity

The implementation of Vertical Farming Analyses enables significant improvements in vertical farming. The suite of tools not only optimizes the efficiency and productivity of the grower's operations, but also promotes sustainability by reducing resource waste and maximizing crop yields. These advancements therefore allow growers to produce nutritious, high-quality fruits, vegetables and herbs that meet the demands of today's consumers while minimizing their environmental footprint.

By investing in proven analytical technology, Eurofins Horti continues to pave the way for the future of horticulture. Through Vertical Farming Analyses, Eurofins Horti is making a fundamental contribution to efficient vertical farming and to the sustainable production of healthy and sustainable food in densely populated areas and in areas where traditional greenhouse and outdoor cultivation is not feasible. 

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