Minister Christianne van der Wal visits Eurofins Agro

Minister Christianne van der Wal visits Eurofins Agro

30 January 2024 - News

Last week Eurofins Agro received outgoing Minister Christianne van der Wal (minister for Nature and Nitrogen) with a delegation from her ministry at the laboratory in Wageningen. She was given an explanation of the soil sample results that was taken in the ministry's garden. She also spoke with soil experts about analyzing soil in agriculture ànd in nature for healthy and sustainable soils.

Afterwards, Van der Wal emphasized the importance of soil analysis in agricultural land, as well as soil analysis in nature to see what it takes to restore it.

Measuring as a supplement to models

Eurofins Agro believes that only by measuring soil health will it be possible to make responsible decisions for sustainable soil management and restore nature.

Soil testing provides information on the chemical, physical and biological characteristics of the soil and offers insight into the essential nutrients for plant growth, water-holding capacity, biodiversity and carbon fixation. In-depth soil analysis is therefore a valuable tool alongside deposition models on which nitrogen policy is currently based.

Hans Martin, general manager Eurofins Agro, says he is honored by the minister's visit. Eurofins Agro, market leader in soil and crop research in the Netherlands since 1928, likes to share its knowledge and expertise for the benefit of social issues and challenges.