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We provide you with fertilization advice based on the target figures for the crop in organic substrates (potting soil), with particular emphasis on the composition of the irrigation water, the stage of growth and any recirculation. The analysis should preferably be repeated every 2 to 4 weeks.

The potting soil report not only provides analysis data but also a visual representation of the assessed values. The bar charts we provide indicate whether a result is low, appropriate or high, so that you can identify any anomalies immediately.

Coco peat

Besides the fertilization analysis, we can also check the quality of coco peat. We use a special technique to determine the EC, the pH, and the major and trace elements. The importance of a good composting process and appropriate cleaning of the input material determine the ultimate quality of the cocopeat-based growing medium.

Physical analysis

The suitability of organic substrates is assessed with a physical analysis. Parameters such as the moisture/air balance, shrinkage and bulk density determine the impact the substrate will have on crop quality. The RHP (the European Knowledge Center for Growing Media) uses these methods to check the composition of potting soil from the growing media industry. This analysis is performed by Eurofins Agro.

Basic analyses  parameters: pH, EC, NH4, K, Na, Ca, Mg, NO3, Cl, S, HCO3, P, Fe, Mn, Zn, B, Cu, Mo, Si.  


  • Ureum
  • Aluminium (Al)
  • Fluor (F)

A pretreatment to remove slow release fertilizers (CRF) granules is recommended.