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The quality of water, soil, fruit and vegetables depends on many different factors. Residues play an important role in this. Residue analysis identifies any active substances from crop protection products that may still be present. At Eurofins Agro, we offer separate residue analyses for:

  • Water (surface water, drinking water, horticultural water)
  • Soil
  • Fruit and vegetables

Additionally, we offer analyses designed for organic cultivation. These comply with European regulations, under which only certain substances are permitted. These analyses give you an insight into whether your organic fruit or vegetables comply with the product requirements applied by organisations such as SKAL (the Dutch Organic Control Authority).

New methods

Market regulations and requirements are constantly changing. To respond to this, we continuously develop new methods for measuring substances for which there is market demand. We also monitor publications on newly authorised crop protection products so that we can respond promptly to these. At present, we can check for more than 600 residue components.

Our reliable analyses enable us to identify any residues present. In doing so, we take the aim of the analysis into account:

  • Periodical (statutory) checks
  • Monitoring
  • Certification
  • Suspected exceedances

At Eurofins Agro, we check for exceedances of the EU MRL (Maximum Residue Level) and the ArfD (acute reference dose) value.