Scientific rationale for Soil Health Solutions

Soil is a powerful tool. It stores more than three times the amount of CO2 compared to the air, forests and other vegetation.

Our scientists have done a lot of research over the last few years on the build-up and decomposition of organic matter in the soil. In addition, soil health research is high on our agenda.  They have a large number of publications in highly regarded scientific journals to their credit. Their work forms the foundation of our tests and advice.


NEW: Reijneveld, J.A., Oostrum, M.J. van, Brolsma, K.M., Oenema, O. 2023. Soil Carbon Check _ A tool for monitoring and guiding soil carbon sequestration in farmer fields. Frontiers of Agricultural Science & Engineering. 2023.
Download paper. Download supplementary materials.

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Reference Methods Soil Carbon Check 2022. Download >

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