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During the production process, it is vital that you understand the mineral balance in order to adjust nutrition and irrigation methods. Indeed, the quality of the fruit – the ultimate result of the vegetative cycle – is largely dependent on the cultivation. 

Physiological imbalances have a harmful impact on the plant (such as the risk of wilting or rotting and poor resistance to shock, etc.), ultimately resulting in heavy economic losses. Mineral diagnosis is therefore essential right from the formation of the fruit, through to its maturation and conservation, to achieve optimal quality.


This analysis will:

  • Define water management and fertilisation techniques to obtain quality fruit
  • Correct imbalances at the tipping stage 
  • Evaluate the state of production progress (early/late) and understand the optimal dates of harvest
  • Predict the suitability of a batch for conservation
  • Classify harvested fruit according to their sensitivity to cold storage (fruit consistency, physiological deficiencies, resistance to shocks and bruises).