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Traditionally, plant analyses are oriented towards the study of leaves and, if feasible, of sap. These analyses are very relevant for quantifying the mineral uptake of different elements, but they do not allow for an assessment of the reserves of perennial crops, the branches and shoots of which are the storage site.

The winter analysis of shoots and branches allows you to anticipate the vegetative risks that will arise in spring, when the nutrition is only based on the reserve.

After ripening and harvest, the knowledge acquired on the nutritional balance of the crop (deficiency, excess, ratio of nutritional elements) makes it possible to establish a fertilisation strategy for the next production, both quantitative and qualitative.

Correlated with the soil analysis, this diagnosis also offers you the opportunity to make a precise annual or multiannual assessment of the impact of the climate and of the work carried out on the plot (fertilisation, treatments, pruning, etc.).