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Forage is your most valuable asset and is the best value feed you can provide for your livestock. The aim is to utilise your forage as efficiently as possible to maximise the milk or meat produced versus the forage consumed. This isn't easy to achieve, however, the first step is always to analyse your forage. 

There is considerable variation of feed costs per 100 kg of milk between farms. These differences are largely down to purchased feed.  You can only make the best use of your own forage if you know what's in the ration. Understanding the nutritional value and the quantity of minerals and trace elements in each silage is key. Stricter fertilisation regulations and less deposition from the environment are changing the mineral composition of feed.

Know what you are feeding your animals

What was good in the past may have changed over time. Insufficient minerals and trace elements in the ration can be costly – think reduced fertility, suboptimal development of young cattle and a poor start to lactation. Want to know how you can make optimal adjustments? An analysis report will provide the answer.

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