Intestinal Digestible Metabolic Fecal Protein (MFP)

During the digestion process, a certain amount of endogenous protein (i.e. animal protein, for example enzymes and intestinal cells) is always lost through the excretion of manure. In addition, protein is needed to reproduce this 'lost' protein. This fraction is called the intestinal digestible metabolic fecal protein (MFP). MFP is therefore not available for growth and production and is therefore subtracted from the intestinal digestible protein value: intestinal digestible protein = Intestinal digestible Bypass Protein + MCP - MFP.

MFP depends on the content of digestible organic matter in the ration: the more difficult the feed is to digest, the higher the fraction of MFP (protein loss) and the lower the content of intestinal digestible protein. In the current intestinal digestible protein system (2007), this is calculated as follows: MFP = 75g per kg of indigestible dry matter = 0.075 x (D - Digestible Organic Compound – Digestible Crude Ash).