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Eurofins Agro's DNA Multiscan monitors the development of fungi and bacteria. The DNA Multiscan enables you to quickly determine the presence of pathogens in your plants.

The DNA Multiscan also makes it possible to determine whether any infection is present in plant reproductive materials, such as cultivation tables, casks and tools. The DNA Multiscan is a unique DNA technique that shows the presence of fungi in even the smallest concentrations. You are therefore made aware of the problem before the plant shows any symptoms.

Plant specific packages

Extensive research packages are available for greenhouse vegetables, greenhouse cultivation in general, grasses and lawns, woody plants, ornamental plants and open field agriculture. In addition, there are a number of plant-specific packages designed specifically for the pathogens relevant to strawberries, gerberas, cucumbers, peppers, roses and tomatoes. We also offer a special Trichoderma package.
In addition to analysing trace fungi, Eurofins Agro also offers a special bacteria package. This is used to search for various types of harmful bacteria.

Limited package

The DNA Previscan is a quick preventive test to test  for the presence of more common ‘problem fungi’ in substrate cultivation on a regular basis. This analysis will give you clarity about the fungi population within a few days. The price is lower than other packages because the number of fungi is limited. If you would like more fungi to be examined, we recommend our DNA Multiscan. 

Analyses Parameters
DNA Multiscan In-depth analysis of fungi and bacteria using DNA technology. Even the smallest amount of pathogens can be identified. We also offer a special Trichoderma package.
DNA Previscan Limited analysis using DNA technology. A large number of pathogens can be identified preventively. You get the results within a few days.