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An optimal soil requires good soil structure and soil pH, a sufficient organic matter level and a sufficient nutrient status. The best time to invest in your soil is just after harvest so the soil status is repaired before the new (catch) crop season. Are you experiencing structure damage or a lot of puddles in the field that won't go away? The pH may be on the low side and/or the occupancy of the clay-humus complex may not be right. The analysis Package Soil provides insight into these parameters.

Combine with other analysis during the season

This soil test report gives insight in the status of the soil and guidelines to improve the yield potential. It gives a soil based guideline. The report does not give guideline for a specific crop and can also be used for grassland. Crop based recommendations are included in for example Cultivation, Soil Check and Soil Crop Monitor. These soil (and crop) test report are advised  just before cultivation (just before the start of the new growing season) and during the growing season (in-season soil and crop analyes).


Soluble N, N-min (NO3, NH4)-,
S-, P-, K-, Ca-, Mg-, Na-, Si-, Fe-, Zn-, Mn-, Cu-, Co-, B-, Mo-, Se- plant availble