Interview in Dutch Financial Magazine

Interview in Dutch Financial Magazine

5 June 2023 - News

Last week, the Dutch 'Financieel Dagblad' published an interview with Benedicte Sandbaek from Eurofins Food Testing Netherlands and Joris van Benthum from Eurofins Agro. They explain the importance of independent analytical data to prove that you are working with healthy soil and healthy food. 

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Independent measurement and monitoring is the foundation of food safety

Labels on packaging guarantee that food meets quality standards. "Independent data from analyses prove that you are working with healthy soil and healthy food," argue Benedicte Sandbaek and Joris van Benthum, from the laboratory network Eurofins.

Where does a product come from, how was it produced and what is its nutritional value? These are questions that consumers are increasingly asking today," says Benedicte Sandbaek, General Manager of Eurofins Food Testing Netherlands. "Our food must be safe, healthy and sustainably produced. Consumers want assurance and proof of this. In retail, all kinds of labels have been created to inform consumers, such as the 'On the way to PlanetProof' label.

Healthy soils

Producing safe, healthy and sustainable food starts on the farm. "This label is a great example of how the entire food chain is working together on sustainability," adds Joris van Benthum, General Manager at Eurofins Agro. "Sustainable food production starts with looking after the health of the soil. Healthy soil contains active soil life and provides sufficient nutrients and water for optimal crop yield and quality. In addition, healthy soil sequesters CO₂ in organic matter. As a result, soil helps reduce global warming. Our Soil Health Solutions provide data to help growers demonstrate that they are working to improve soil health and sequester CO₂, a fact that can be included in various labels.”

But there is more, explains Van Benthum: "Healthy soil is resistant to disease and pests. Less pesticide is needed during cultivation. Pesticides that aren't used don't end up in food. By the way, more stuff gets into our food through the soil. Think of PFAS. Eurofins measures PFAS all along the chain; in the soil, in our food and even in humans.”

Proving claims

Sandbaek: "In the supply chain, the demand for proof is increasing. Not just for labels. There is a trend that the polluter should pay. For example, if you as a supermarket can prove that you and your suppliers are doing everything possible to prevent CO2 emissions during production and that the remaining emissions are sequestered as much as possible in the farmer’s soil, then that can make a difference in terms of costs. It also gives you a marketing advantage. Analytical data is essential for verifying food claims and product authenticity. Eurofins’ modern laboratories analyze soil, water, crops and food for chemical, physical and biological properties.”

Independent data

Sandbaek and Van Benthum emphasize that Eurofins laboratories are independent when it comes to analysis: "This means that farmers and the food industry always know where they stand with the analysis reports.”