95 years reliable partner for insight into soil, crop and water

95 years reliable partner for insight into soil, crop and water

12 April 2023

Eurofins Agro will celebrate its 95th anniversary April 12, 2023. For almost a century, Eurofins Agro has led the way with reliable and innovative analyses of soil, crop, water, manure and compost, among other things. In this way Eurofins Agro contributes with data to improve yield, quality and to make food & feed production more sustainable in more than 25 countries.

Making agriculture and nature sustainable based on facts

The world faces far-reaching challenges when it comes to improving nature, preventing further climate change, feeding 9 billion people, and optimizing water quality. Realizing solutions for livable world starts with caring for healthy soil.

Soil research provides insight into soil health in agriculture and nature and is a practical tool to monitor whether the objectives of carbon sequestration and of the nitrogen approach, for example, have been achieved at agreed calibration points. The data provided by Eurofins Agro is the basis for optimization of agricultural production and for a factual analysis of the state of nature.

Rich history

The agro division of the Eurofins network of companies has a rich history. It began in 1928 at the National Agricultural Testing Station, later the Institute for Soil Fertility, in Groningen. Professor and soil scientist Joost Hudig started soil research for farmers. He linked advice to the results of that research. First for acidity (pH) and later also for phosphate (P), potassium (K) and nitrogen (N).

This was a great success; yields increased thanks to the new insight. Together with the farmers, a separate laboratory was therefore set up for routine research, the Farm Laboratory for Soil and Crop Research (BLGG). In 2015, Eurofins Scientific took over the laboratory and the name became Eurofins Agro.

Originally, Eurofins Agro was located in Haren. After the war, in 1948, the lab moved to Oosterbeek and in 2011 the lab moved from Oosterbeek to Wageningen.

Market leader

Today in Wageningen, Eurofins Agro has a modern, accredited, laboratory with the latest techniques, a high degree of automation and robotization. Eurofins Agro offers analyses to various customer groups from farmers to universities, from horse lovers to study groups, from greenhouse horticulture to governments and also the flower bulb sector. In short, the entire playing field around plant, animal, water and soil. In addition to the laboratory, we have a network of expert samplers throughout the Netherlands, always close to the customer, ready for advice and service.


Modern analytical methods and scientific insights form the basis of Eurofins Agro's work. A team of specialists works every day to optimize methods, create new insights and applications. We prefer to do this together with customers. Innovation is a team sport with results from practice.

One such example is the use of Near-Infrared Reflection Spectroscopy (NIRS) for the analysis of roughage, raw materials, soil and manure samples. A fast, clean and highly accurate method that can be used worldwide. It allows us to measure carbon sequestration, many soil characteristics and soil life, among others, in a sustainable way without the use of chemicals.