Structure value

The structure value is a determination based on the crude fiber or NDF of the product. Chop length is not included; it relates only to chemical composition. It indicates the stimulation that the product achieves in the rumen. The basis of the structural value (expressed in 1.0) is the structural need of a cow to give at least 25 kilograms of milk. This silage meets the structure requirement to a greater extent. Like the other key figures, the structural value should be seen in combination with the other feedstuff. Concentrated feed generally has a low structural value of about 0.3. The total ration should average at least 1.0 to avoid rumen acidification. The structure value can be influenced by fertilization, among other things. Late mowing gives shedding of the crop and more structure. In contrast, high N fertilization often gives less structure.

Structure value is determined in the following analysis: 

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