Energy Value Horse

The energy value indicates the energy a horse can derive from a product. To calculate the energy value of a horse feed, the digestibility of the organic matter of a product is taken into account. However, there are different parameters to express the energy value of horse feed around the world. Gross energy (GE) is for example the amount of energy within the feed. If you take into account the amount of energy that is lost in the faeces of the horse because a horse cannot digest all feed, you remain with the digestible energy (DE). Besides faeces, energy can also be lost by excreting urine. By extracting the energy lost in the faeces and urine, you remain with the metabolizable energy (ME). During digesting and fermenting the feed, heat is produced. Heat is also a form of energy. Extracting the faecal, urinary and heat production energy that is lost during the intestinal feed processing, you remain with the net energy value (NE). In the table below some of the feed evaluation systems and the feed value in Europe are shown.

Country Energy system Energy value
Netherlands NE EWpa
Belgium NE EWpa
England DE MJ
Germany ME MJ
France NE EWpa or UFC
Denmark DE MJ
Sweden ME MJ

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