Zinc (Zn) - horses

Zinc contributes to building and regulating skin functions as well as the structure of skin, hooves and hair. Zinc is a component of the enzymes that regulate oxygen transfer and play a role in the protein and carbohydrate metabolism.

In addition, zinc is important for the development of the immune system such as healing of the wounds and form a defence against infections. Nevertheless, zinc is needed for stallions to produce active sperm since zinc is needed to maintain the testosterone level.

A zinc deficiency can cause a disrupted bone development, decreased appetite, an overproduction of the hoof, changed skin structure, hair loss or stunted growth in young horses. It can also result in the clinical picture of mug, a dull coat or summer eczema.

A zinc excess can lead to fractures around the hooves. However, an excess of zinc is almost non-existent.

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