Chlorine (Cl) - soil and crop

Together with sodium and potassium, chlorine plays a role in the moisture balance of plants. In the soil, chlorine, like sodium, is susceptible to leaching, especially on sandy and alpine soils.

For sugar beets and cereals, chlorine is an important element. For potatoes, an excess of chlorine can lead to a decrease in production (lower underwater weight). Eurofins Agro's analysis Fertilization Manager considers the various factors and provides advice for all soil types.

Normally, grass and grass silage contain an ample amount of chlorine. Cut corn, CCM, beer brush, sugar beet pulp and grains contain lower levels.

Chlorine content (g/kg dry matter); Eurofins Agro 2009-2013
  Fresh grass Grass silage Maize Lucerne
Average - 12.9 2.3 7.1
Target range - 5-20 1.1-2.7 -


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