Crude fat

Crude fat is the total amount of fat within the product.


The crude fat measurement is the amount of fat-like substances in the silage. Saturated and unsaturated fatty acids, among others, are in this fraction. Directing on crude fat is quite difficult. Generally, new grassland has a higher fat content. Thus, mowing young can have a positive impact in some cases. Crude fat is included in the feed evaluation as an energy component. These types of fats can also influence the composition of the milk fat (unsaturated fatty acids). It also makes the cow's coat shine.


Fat contains three times more energy compared to carbohydrates. Therefore, fat is sometimes added to the diet of the horse to increase energy. However, horses don’t have a gallbladder causing the gall to digest directly from the liver. Therefore, higher amount of fat has to be introduced slowly in order for the liver to adapt to the needed gall production within the equine digestive system.


Crude fat is measured in the following analysis: 

Equi Feed


Freshgrass Check

Ration Check